The Butlers Antiques

Fort Worth’s Best Kept Secret… The Butlers Antiques


The Butlers Antiques and Uniques is a 6500 square foot Antique store serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex for the past 25 years. In it’s second and more prominent location it is a paradise of memorabilia, taking it’s customers to the pleasant memories of their past. Located at 2221 8th. Ave, Fort Worth, Texas (in the Hospital District near downtown in Forth Worth) the  Uniqueness of the inventory is what sets this shop apart from other Antique Shops in Fort Worth.

Owned by Jim and Gayle Pettit since it’s beginning, The Butlers Antiques,  has grown in size and inventory almost on a daily basis, and is one of the biggest Antique Shops in Fort Worth. Gayle is quick to tell you “We Buy!” with a quick enthusiasm, but to find a spot for her to display her newly acquired “treasure” is a task on it’s own. She is also very quick to let you know that her antique paradise is “not a Mall” All of the inventory is owned by her and her husband, Jim. They will occasionally take on a consignment to help a friend or if someone has a very unique and unusual item that may potentially bring in shoppers. They have, upon request, loaned many pieces for New Home tours, TCU Drama Club, and even their “Old Antique Horse Drawn Snow Sled” had been used in a local Film documentary. They are well known and respected  in the Antique community as well as the theater arts of the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex from their support.

The Butlers Antiques Inventory

Their inventoried items are as endless as the many stories of Jim Pettit. Items such as Fine China, porcelain dish wares, art deco metal porcelain kitchen cabinets, cowboy items, American Native Indian, farm, Dining room suites, Bedroom suites, end tables, many trunks including pine, metal, army, wooden, there is so much glass ware and fine crystal, costume jewelry, vintage clothing,and wedding gowns, art and frames, Armours, side tables, art deco, old radios, phones, vintage name brand lighters, handmade quilts, tables, African items, settees, chairs, baby furniture, vintage dolls, including “Madam Alexander” and” Barbie” old 1930’s and 40’s ladies hats, musical instruments, sheet music, ice boxes, washer with the ringers, outdoor furniture and lounges, lots of wicker, badges, lots and lots of very unique and unusual items for conversation, even taxidermied  “Albino” Martin fill their show room floor. You will most likely find items sold from The Butler’s Antiques in other Antique Shops in Fort Worth, as they sell to many dealers.

The sales floor is vast with every niche filled with “Golden Treasures”, but to take it even further, they have expanded this “worth your time experience” to include Jim’s version of an old western town in the back of the shop that they lease out to specialty niches.  In between the ” Barber Shop” and the “Sun room” is the “Retro-Mania” shop that sells 40’s,  50’s, and 60’s items and furniture that showcases their rare designs. Among these store fronts are elevations of a saloon, candy or ice cream shop, and Jim is about to start the Chapel to complete the Butler’s Alley (Old Town).

To say It was just an experience would be an understatement. It takes your memory senses way back to the innocent golden days of yesteryear, where you may have forgotten what it was like to use the old style phones and have to talk to Mabel, the operator, to get to your desired connection. You can faintly hear the theme song or whistle from the Andy Griffith Show as you stroll through this building of fabulous and unique treasures.

Come take a Stroll along the Butlers Antiques Alley and Spend The Day on Nostalgia!


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